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This young man looked for this monster doe for  a while and even though there wasn’t a blood trail, it was easy to cover the 400 yds for my hound
Deer was hit behind the heart and still a live when we found him . The hunter had to finish him off .
This young mans first deer, late season liver shot deer
My young dog getting it done, gut shot liver.
First gun track for the season and “THE BEAST “ is batting .1000
The hunter had to finish off the deer after a half mile track.  The track was 27 hours old and the deer was shot through the front leg.  We found a couple pieces of bone on the track.  The hunter told me that he didn’t think there was a chance the dog would recover the deer, because his son and himself looked for the buck for 5 hours.  My son found the only spot of blood on the track , other than a few drops where he jumped a fence.
Vida made me very proud with this 600 yd track.  She did very good in finding a deer that would have went unfound !!!
Another gut shot find for the beast !!!
Another monster found by “THE BEAST “ !!!
Took us three times of tracking to finally get this one.  This has only happened to me one other time, but we got the job done, with knocking on a few doors and two miles later !!!
Found another giant main frame 8 !!!
Most important track ever, my boys first deer, shot through the fronts legs and tracked down by “THE BEAST”
I jumped this deer up after it rained 4 hours solid and tracked him down the next day after I got off work 36 hours after the shot.  Their was no blood except a few drops in his bed
Nice ohio typical monster
36 hours after the shot and 600 yds later after it rained all night gut shot
Deer was stolen by a poacher.  We tracked up to a gut pile and found the thieves knife.  First time I️ have ever seen this !
Gut shot doe track for a man that let me hunt !!!
Another Ohio giant for the beast !!!
No blood at all even in the bed, 600 yds from where deer was shot to where this buck expired .
High hit ridge runner couldn’t lose the beast.  This man doubted my dog would find it, but now he’s a believer.  A lot of people are skeptics until they see the basest teckel on earth !!!
This buck went a long way after last blood, but you better have wings if you want to lose my hounds
High hit no problem
This deer stopped bleeding on the trai, but my dog still smelled this ohio giant to take it 500 yds through a super thick jungle of honeysuckle and briars !
Tracked this one down after a good rain the next day.  This deer was bumped out of its bed and chewed on. 
I tracked this buck a couple weeks ago and  stopped on it after a  mile loop.  I got a call again inquiring about a track and a trail cam picture of the same buck from a different Hunter,  on a neighboring farm.  “THE BEAST” closed the deal this time and showed me why she’s called “ THE BEAST “
My dog found this buck with little sign at the beginning and no blood the last 490 yds.
Found this buck in Indiana after a massive search party grid search failed.  Once again the track was easy for my dog to find ,  with no blood .
This deer pulled off a big back track and fooled everyone but my dog.  Once again she made easy work of a difficult track, with only one bed of blood.

Almost a mile,with only  two drops of blood found , 80 degrees outside and 23 hour old track.  There are not to many dogs in the country,   that could have pulled this one track off.
Shot was back, but my dog made easy work of this track 
191 inches 21  points
This track wore me out.  I had to send the hunter back to his truck to get his muzzleloader so he could finish off his buck.  It took the hunter over an hour to get back and in the meantime the buck got up and walked off.  We tracked him back down and finished him off with a head shot and  a follow up stab to the heart

Another late season find.
"THE BEAST" does it again.  This one went a long ways the hunter and his son tracked it 400 yards I tracked  it close to three quarter of a mile farther .  When you bump a deer they can go along ways
A little over 600yds to this nice buck shot back to far.  My we're on a string to this monster
This buck made it 880 yds, with me starting at the loss of blood, we took it almost 500 yds and even had to cross a river with no blood at all.
Clayton and his Dad needed help zero blood and high winds and we got it done with no problem12 hrs. Later
As always "THE BEAST " (Quella) comes through on another gut shot deer
The hunter shot this deer through the gut, liver and somehow clipped a lung .  Once the dog tracked a ways the deer started to bleed.  "THE BEAST"  New right away  where this buck went  !